Taiji Qigong


“You can live sixty days without eating food and two weeks without drinking water, but you’ll live only a few minutes without breathing air.”

Qigong Master Hung Yi-hsiang

Qigong (or Chi Kung) means energy work and breathing skill. Qigong is an ancient Chinese art of integrating mindful movements, focused attention, body posture and breathing techniques.

Regularly practising the art of Qigong improves your health in general, makes you become more aware of your own energy, supports you in developing your spirituality and strengthens your physical, and internal power for your martial arts training.

You will notice body posture improvements, your attention is more focused, your breathing eases, your muscles loosen, you feel less stressful, your emotions are more balanced, your organ functions improve.

There are many different types of Qigong.

With Owahan.com you learn the ‘Shibashi 18’ Taiji Qigong form, a very easy to learn form for complete beginners. The 18 moves are based on ancient Taiji (or Tai Chi, a Chinese martial arts form) and Qigong (energy work) movements.

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Courses and Private Tuition

Current courses are announced here.

After each meeting you receive resources by email to support you in practising the movements at home.

Private tuition is available on request. You can choose to have 1-2-1 private tuition or gather a small group of friends to learn the whole form. If you choose 1-2-1 private tuition you decide to be taught face-to-face or via Skype.