Soul Plan Analysis analyses your Soul Plan. What is a Soul Plan?


A Soul Plan is simply explained the plan of what your ‘soul’, your ‘spirit’ or your ‘higher self’ intends to experience in this life time.

You get to a stage in your life wherein you question what the ‘purpose’ or ‘meaning’ is of your life. A time wherein you feel you need to make choices. A time wherein you feel you need to make a change. An Analysis of your Soul Plan supports you in answering what the purpose or meaning of your life is.

The foundation of your unique Soul Plan is your original birth name as it shows on your birth certificate.

I analyse your original birth name and explain your Soul Plan which is called a Soul Plan Reading.

Soul Plan Chart and Star of Creation

Prior to your Soul Plan Reading your name is translated in Hebrew. The sounds of each letter in the Hebrew alphabet bring out specific energies and corresponds with certain numbers. Each vibration has its symbol. Each vibration and value has meanings and will be decoded, translated and explained to help you discover what your soul intends to experience in this life: we will look at the things that you find difficult (Challenges), things that come easy to you (Talents) and what your soul intends to accomplish (Goals and Destiny).

I also include the impact of the current name you use.

You receive a full report after the 1.5 hour session.

A full Soul Plan Analysis is part of your Holistic Coaching package.

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