mindfulness 2

We live in a fast paced society and we were taught from a very young age to concentrate on our mind.

‘Mindfulness’ is a technique to help you become more aware of what is going on in you: not only what is going on in your mind: your thoughts, but also your feelings, and your bodily sensations.

Practising Mindfulness regularly aids you in being present in the here and now, helps you identify signals of what is going on for you, reduces stress, calms your mind, improves healthy living and in the long term will give you inner peace, contentment and calm.

In the 1 hour workshop you will get introduced to Mindfulness meditation exercises concentrating on your breathing, your body, your movements. You will be shown simple, powerful practices to include in your daily life and work.

Here is what Jessica* (UK, 2017) said about how she experienced an introduction to Mindfulness:

“I have been taught so many types of breathing over the past 30 years (each being “The Right Way”) that I got thoroughly confused and lost how to breathe altogether and suffered from anxiety for years partially as a result…. Shirley taught us several ways to breathe mindfully … the core ingredient seems to be to breathe like a baby… which makes absolute sense to me… I find Shirley full of calm enthusiasm. Attentive and quick to support where needed… “… it is in the being present without judgement that you will see results…”… Shirley is a fresh bubbling spring of knowledge…. “

*Names of clients are changed to protect their privacy.