Sharing what clients said about Owahan.com services (names have been changed to protect clients’ privacy):

Holistic Coaching

“I have been working with Shirley since March of this year with regular Skypes and email support and updates from her. Shirley is kind and gentle in her approach but not afraid to push you for answers when she is coaching. She is a gifted Soul Plan Reader and my reading with her was spot on guiding me on the actions I need to take to reach my Soul Destiny. I would totally recommend Shirley. She has a sparkle in her eyes and you just know you are in good hands with her. Thank you so much for all of the support and guidance you have given and continue to give me.

Marie, United Kingdom, 2016

Soul Plan Analysis

“Shirley is a kind, warm, generous and intuitive healer. Receiving her soul plan reading felt like a kind of personalised poetry medicine. It cast light into forgotten corners of me and swept up dormant parts back into motion. There is a sense of being powerfully validated. I feel lighter and more joyful and self-accepting, as if there had been a secret burden which has lifted. In the way that she works with physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual energies, it is as if she brings back something which modern life has stolen, about being internally connected as part of a benign, comforting, real, larger whole. This can be read as finding your way back to purposeful interrelatedness through all the historical intentions of your name, by Shirley’s skill in reawakening your associative powers. Thank you Shirley!”

Melanie, United Kingdom, 2016


“I have been taught so many types of breathing over the past 30 years (each being “The right way”) that I got thoroughly confused and lost how to breathe altogether and suffered from anxiety for years partially as a result.

Shirley taught us several ways to breathe mindfully and asked us to choose the most comfortable for each of us, or a combination…

I find Shirley full of calm enthusiasm.  Attentive and quick to support where needed and her advice is…

 “There is benefit in the practice whatever thoughts and feelings come up.  It is in the being present without judgement that you will see results.”

Shirley is a fresh bubbling spring of knowledge.”

Leo, United Kingdom, 2017

Taiji Qigong

“Shirley’s teaching of Taiji Qigong is remarkable. My experiences, whenever I have a class, is one of relaxing, calming and knowledgeable learning. I feel at home during these sessions as she takes you step by step, with ease through the moves whilst keeping you informed of what each movement means and represent.

I recommend and welcome Shirley’s teaching…. she is calm and very patient.

What I like the most is the fact that she meets everyone in class… taking each individual on their own personal journey in her teaching method and approach.

She is highly trained and knowledgeable in her teachings… she brings her authentic and empathic side to every teaching I have attended…”

Gemma, United Kingdom, 2018