My name is Shirley Amatsakio, founder of Owahan.com, UK.
I am a Holistic Coach, and member of the professional body CMA.

Owahan means Change in my ancestral Javanese language. And offering support to Change is what I aim for with Owahan.com activities.

We, humans, are, I believe, formed of body, mind and soul. Each part fully functions when we are able to connect them to reach our full potential.

I support you in your personal and professional development by becoming more aware of who you are so you can take that step of acceptance and (re-)connection with your self and your surroundings, bringing you more peace and calm to make that choice to change and live the life you want.

I am honest and gentle in encouraging you to grow.

The tools I use in my practice is a blend of conventional and intuitive methods, a holistic approach, to help you to transform.