Self-discovery: your values, principles and practice

This is the last blogpost of the ‘Self-discovery’-series.

In previous blogposts, we took a closer look at who you are, your most important life experiences, and how you connect with others.



By attempting to look for what you think are of importance to you, you have been focusing on your values.

Read your diary entries again, and question yourself: what are your values, what is significant for you, what makes you who you are?

Imagine you have written down that you value each individual: you appreciate who you are, and your unique being, your individuality, and think that each person has the right to be who they are.
You have also noticed that the most meaningful relationships you have are build on  respect for each other: when you look at the most significant relationships that you have, you treat each other with respect, accept the other for who they are, accept each other’s uniqueness.
You have also experienced in your life that ‘individuality’ had a big impact on you:  one of the first times that you were aware that you were not treated with respect for who you are, you felt deeply hurt. A hurt that marked you.
So, you value individuality.



I believe that living according to your true self, means that you translate these values into principles so you can put your values into practice.
By focusing on your values and principles, you have been focusing on your thoughts. Now, the next step, is to put these thoughts into action, and do what you think.

values and principles put into practice

In the example I have given, you could translate the value of ‘individuality’ into principles (what you think) of ‘appreciating differences’, and ‘respecting other’s wants, needs and choices’.

And, in practice (what you do), you listen to others, give others the space to voice their opinion. In the upbringing of your kids, you encourage them to develop their unique individual qualities.

You can take these steps described above for each of your values.

Keep exploring who you are, and have fun writing and drawing. ending