Self-discovery: your relationships

The ‘Self-Discovery’ posts are a series of blog posts to help you become more aware of yourself.

This time we focus on how you connect with others around you.

Your personal history

Check how you feel. And what your thoughts are,  after we have gone through your personal history in the last blogpost?

Have you discovered a recurring theme based on what you have experienced?

Read the diary entry about your personal history again and notice how you feel about each event now. Do this regularly to get to know yourself better.

Your connections


Remember your invisible backpack? You can read more about it here.

Today we are going to look at how you connect with another person, how you have started that relationship, how it has formed, and how you maintain that bond.

You can use word-mapping or drawings, like we did when we focused our attention on your personal history, to help you discover how you relate to others.

Here is an example:

development relationships

For each important relationship draw and write down how it started, how it developed and how you stay in touch with each other.

Here is an example when filling in the boxes (this is a fictional example):relationship with my sonOnce you have focused on each significant connection, consider making an overview, like this:

Relationship Map

Once you are done with your overview. Ask yourself the question if you can discover keywords for each connection.

Note what thought or feeling a relationship gives you. Do this for each connection you have written down as of importance.

Have you got a better idea now of what you value in a relationship, what is of importance when you connect with others? Maybe you are already aware of the value of each relationship, but have you noticed anything new you weren’t aware of before?

Write about this in your journal. Keep digging and explore.

Did you gain insight into the contents of your invisible backpack by your drawings, descriptions, and looking for any keywords?

Keep checking back and re-read these diary entries at later stages. Do you notice any changes when you read these entries? Are there any changes in the development or maintenance of your important relationships?

Have fun writing and drawing. ending


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