Self-discovery: your personal history

The ‘Self-Discovery’ posts are a series of blog posts to help you become more aware of yourself.

In this post we concentrate on the most important things that happened to you.

Your personality

Last time we have looked at your thoughts and feelings about certain words to help you discover who you are. I have given a list of questions you could reflect on in your journal to explain more and to explore who you are.

You could also have questioned what makes you ‘you’. It could be a description of how you physically look like, your personal qualities, roles you play in your life (like: “I am a mum”, “I am a friend”, “I am a brother” and explain each role), and you could add more abstract statements about yourself (like: “I am a spiritual being”, and describe this a bit more in your journal).

Having gone through what we have done so far: how do you feel at the moment and what are your thoughts?

Keep checking regularly what is going on in you (thoughts and/or physical sensations), whilst you are reading this. This will help you to practise to become more aware of yourself.

Your past

Remember your invisible backpack? You can read more about it here.

This time we are going to look more in depth at your experiences. We are going to make a ‘Life Map’.

Think of things that happened to you in your life.

Draw each important event in an oval or any other shape to mark these life-changing events:

your lifechanging life eventIt could be the birth of your first child, moving home, welcoming your new pet, immigration, your first job, moving out of your parental home, your first intimate relationship.

Now, question yourself: how has each life event change you? Mark it in your journal like this:

Impact of life eventWith each life event that you have written down: ask yourself the question what your thoughts are and were, and thinking back to that event are there any feelings or emotions you can remember that stood out for you? Here is an example:

Event and ImpactHow has each life event change you? Did the events have an impact on future choices? Did the events have an impact on the way you feel? Write in detail about each event once you have drawn all the significant ones for you.

On your page focusing on your personal history, the drawings and events including thoughts, feelings and emotions would look like this:

Life Map

When you are done with your drawings, and writings about these events, ask yourself if you can discover a theme in your life. How do you do that?

Look at each event and impact of that particular event. Write one keyword for each event.

Once you are done: do you discover a pattern? Are you using similar keywords for your life-changing events? Can you make connections with ways you have responded, ways you have felt, ways you behaved?

Did you gain insight into the contents of your invisible backpack by your drawings, descriptions, and looking for any patterns?

Keep checking back and re-read these diary entries at later stages. Do you notice any changes when you read these entries?

Have fun writing and drawing.


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