Self-discovery: your wants and needs

The ‘Self-Discovery’ posts are a series of blog posts about what you want and need, your values, principles and how you put these into practice in your daily life. We are also going to look into who you are, your history and how you connect with others.

Wants and needs


When we want to move physically from one place to another we can usually point out where we currently are, and where we want to be. We then choose our way to get there.

You might be doing this with your emotional and spiritual goals too, but it is more challenging to point out where you currently are in your emotional and/or spiritual journey.

The other day, I wanted to visit my friend who was celebrating her birthday as well as her daughter’s.
When I mapped out how I wanted to get there by public transport, our mutual friend messaged me, asking if I wanted a lift to our friend’s party. She owns a car, but I rejected her offer. I wanted to get there at my own pace with my children, and I wanted to include visiting a park on our journey.
Accepting her offer would mean that we would get to our destination, but not meeting my other goal which was ‘making memories’-moments with my children.

Questions for you to answer in your journal


When you choose how to get somewhere, are you lead by your own wants and needs or do you get distracted by choices others present to you or other opportunities?
If you are not easily distracted: what are the reasons that you stick to your choices?
If you are easily distracted: what makes other choices or opportunities more interesting?

When answering these questions in writing, give examples, specific ones: events and significant incidents in your life. Make sure you use the first person (“I”). See also the example I have given in this blog post.
When answering these questions in drawings: add details to the images, and make sure you are part of your drawing.

In addition, question yourself: what is the reason that I ask you to write in the ‘first person’ and /or add yourself in your drawings?


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