Mind – Body Connection



At home and in schools we are taught to concentrate on our thinking, and focus on our mind. We forget our body. However, our mind and body are inseparable: what is going on in our body affects our mind, and what is going on in our mind has an impact on our body.
How can we make a meaningful body-mind connection?


I think that we can give the connection of body and mind meaning by linking with our soul, our spirit. Getting to know yourself at a deeper level, is possible by understanding what you actually really want to achieve in this life time. A Soul Plan Analysis can help you find clarity and direction.

Another way of making that body – mind connection is to practise meditation exercises.


Mindfulness exercises are ways of meditating: detach and approach our body and mind without judging. Noticing what is going on in our body, to help us empty our full mind as well as releasing any tension in our body. Just by becoming aware, acknowledge and accept what is going on can bring us understanding, calmness and peace.

In my communication skills workshops I share with you how you can use certain techniques and skills to connect with others. To use these tools more effectively, you learn to become more aware of yourself, you get to know who you are and connect with yourself with Mindfulness and mindful movements.

In following blog posts, I will concentrate on topics that will help you discover who you are, what you want, how you relate to yourself and others and how to improve the relationship(s) you have with yourself and others. You will change if you follow each step: you will become more aware of yourself as well as others.

Enjoy your unique journey…