Start Self-discovery: your journal

writing-2317766_960_720Record your journey…

I take you on a journey to help you discover who you are, and encourage you to record your reflections in a personal journal.

Your first step to change is when you know who you are, when you are aware of yourself.

Steps to get ready for your journey:

  1. Make your personal diary or journal a special one.
    You might have an unused notebook lying around.
    Personalise it to please your eyes and focus your attention.
  2. Plan a dedicated time to write in your journal.
    It could be a specific daily exercise: in the mornings or just before you go to bed. Or maybe a weekly moment of contemplation is sufficient for you.
    Whatever is right for you: plan it.
    Reserve that time for yourself.
  3. Write or draw your answers in your personal diary or journal.
    You can use this journal to check how you have developed over time. Occasionally, flick through your diary to improve in understanding yourself.
  4. With self-understanding, you will improve the way you approach others, and eventually, the way you relate to others will improve over time.

The next ‘Self-Discovery’ posts are a series of blog posts wherein I take you by the hand and encourage you to look into what you want and need, what your values and principles are and if you put these into practice.

We are also going to look at your personality, your significant life events and the way you relate to others to get to know yourself better.

For now: have fun decorating your personal journal.