Welcome to Owahan.com.

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My name is Shirley Amatsakio, founder of Owahan.com.

Owahan means Change in my ancestral Javanese language. And offering support to Change is what I aim to achieve with Owahan.com.

I support you to change in a positive way.

Change comes when you are in a calm and relaxed state.

I help you to get to that state using Hypnotherapy, the Soul Plan method and Qigong.

Book a free initial telephone appointment to discover more about Hypnotherapy, and treatments using hypnosis.

Book a Soul Plan Reading Session to get to know yourself at a deeper level or to train with me to become a Soul Plan Practitioner.

Join one of the Tai Chi Qigong and Qigong classes in London suitable for complete beginners regardless of age and fitness.

Support is offered one-to-one or in a group, face-to-face or via Zoom

I am a member of the professional body Complementary Medical Association, CMA. I am  a Hypnotherapist, Soul Plan Practitioner, Soul Transformation Therapist, Holistic Coach and Qigong Instructor trained at the Holistic Healing CollegeLondon College of Hypnotherapy and the London School of Qigong.

With the current Coronavirus outbreak all face-to-face sessions and classes have been cancelled for your and my own safety. All sessions and classes continue online via Zoom or any other further to be announced social media platform. 




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